Public Procurement

The attorneys at Lead Consulting possess extensive experience addressing all aspects of public procurement and subsequent contract matters, including negotiating and drafting contracts, public bidding processes, and defending contract claims. The company’s work includes development of model procurement and contract forms, resolution of bidding disputes, contract administration, as well as commercial advice regarding the manner of participation in this exciting field.

Lead Consulting offers a full package of services, meaning that the client can be assured, that their success in the process of Public Procurement will be facilitated by experts for every single step of the journey. As a result, the chances for a favorable outcome are maximized, while the costs are reduced to a minimum.

The value of Lead Consulting’s expertise is ever-increasing, as the regulative framework of public procurement in Georgia tends to be overhauled quite often. This, coupled with the fact that the most recent reforms have had intimate involvement of the company’s partners from their inception means, that Lead Consulting is best placed to ensure its clients’ success.