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Vakhtang Zarnadze


Vakhtang Zarnadze is lawyer and a partner of Lead Consulting.

Vakhtang relies on the experience accrued during his decade-long professional career. He has, at different times, worked in a variety of fields, including those of construction, energy, civil aviation and public procurement. Moreover, Vakhtang has been employed in the private sector, the public sector and the combination of the two – a state-owned enterprise. As a result, he has a deep understanding of the nuances related to these fields. Additionally, he possesses great theoretical, as well as practical expertise in the fields of insurance and intellectual property.

A matter of importance is his abilities as a courtroom lawyer. His experience in this regard is extensive in both civil and administrative litigation in Georgian courts. Moreover, he possesses considerable experience in non-litigative administrative proceedings. Hi has been the leading lawyer in landmark cases in such fields as contract law, tax law and administrative law.

Vakhtang Zarnadze possesses the academic degree of a Master of Laws, currently being a PhD student, as well as a member of the Georgian Bar Association.