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Ivane Lekishvili

Managing Partner

Ivane Lekishvili is the managing partner of Lead Consulting.

He has completed a legal education. Moreover, he currently studies business administration at the Free University of Georgia, to achieve his Master's degree.

At various stages of his career, Ivane was involved in such fields as Intellectual Property, E-Commerce, Production and Distribution, Construction and Aviation. From January, 2017 to July, 2019 he was the chief administrative officer of the United Airports of Georgia, while from October, 2018 to December of the same year, he was the Acting Director of the same company. As a result of having worked extensively in both the public and the private sector, he has accrued invaluable experience, which plays a significant role in his services rendered to the clients.

Ivane undertook a significant role in ensuring the first low-cost airline (Wizz Air) expanding its presence in Georgia, being involved in negotiations, drafting both legal as well as commercial documents, etc.

His achievements also include:

  • The construction of major buildings and installations, in which context he oversaw a variety of tasks, such as the legal aspects thereof, land acquisition, related procurement, and operations. The value of the largest of such projects was GEL 130,000,000;
  • Ivane also negotiated with investors, which lead to the successful implementation of projects that have proven to be milestones for the Georgian economy.
  • Some of his additional achievements include the supervision of the concession agreements with the investors.
  • Drafting and enactment of the Special Rules for state procurement;
  • Implementation and supervision of the enactment of domestic flights program, etc.