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Tamar Patieshvili


Tamar Patieshvili is a lawyer specializing in both civil and criminal matters, though her practical work is concentrated on criminal law and juvenile delinquency.

Tamar’s professional experience has been accrued by working in a number of private and public bodies, including the legal assistance services and a financial bureau. Next, she was employed by the Tbilisi Prosecutor’s office and the Isani-Samgori Prosecutor’s office, where she oversaw such criminal matters as offenses against person’s health and life, as well as against a person’s property. Moreover, she has extensive experience regarding working on criminal matters related to transportation and drugs.

In recent years, Tamar Patieshvili was a co-founder and managing partner of a law firm called GATT Legal Consulting Group. As of today, Tamar Patieshvili is a partner and a lawyer at Lead Consulting, where, owing to the aforesaid experience, she provides expert legal advice to those requiring aid in matters related to criminal law.